Vortex Engineering is not your typical engineering firm. Ordinarily, engineering is either outsourced to a specialist consulting firm, or completed by in-house staff members. We offer our clients a little of both.

Most of our clients have us available “on-call” to help as and when the need arises. This could be due to a short-term increase in workload due to the always unpredictable nature of when a project might start and end. Or, it could be due to a project that needs just one person to join the team to bring a critical piece of missing expertise.

We become a key member of our clients’ team for the duration of their project. All without the risk of committing to full-time salaried staff member, and without the administrative delays of outsourcing to a larger firm.

Our current and recent clients include:

  • Engineering firms
  • Facility owners and operators
  • Contractors
  • Architects

Engineering and Sustainability

We are driven by a long held recognition of how critical more sustainable approaches are to the continued advancement of our society. By providing mechanical engineering services for our building, power generation and water supply clients, we create more efficient and resilient infrastructure. By considering sustainability at the design stage, we create infrastructure that lasts longer, needs less maintenance and costs owners less during operation.

Vortex Engineering operates in tandem with¬†Energy Revolution Services, where new approaches and innovations are used to develop clean energy solutions specifically for small and independent businesses. These opportunities reduce client’s energy costs and help them generate new income streams from renewable energy sources.

Our Mechanical Engineer

Vortex Engineering is owned by Michael Pullinger, who has over a decade of experience as a mechanical engineer on projects both large and small. He has extensive experience in mechanical systems for power generation plants, buildings and water supply facilities. His experience comes from projects in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, USA and China.

“Mike is a diligent and highly competent engineer who took on any work I threw at him and made a success of it. He even did an electrical degree in his spare time and continues to contribute to our team as a jack-of-all-trades sub-consultant when we need his skills. He will be a worthy asset to any multidisciplinary team with a challenging project.”

Rob Adams, Specialist Mechanical Engineer, Knight Piesold