A four storey commercial office building (8,000 m2) was plagued with occupant complaints and maintenance issues due to an air-conditioning system that was nearing 30 years old. The building wished to extend the service life of the building for at least a further 25 years.

Michael Pullinger undertook site inspections to determine the full extent of upgrades required, and completed the mechanical design of a new cooling system including a 500 kW chiller, cooling tower, pumps, heat exchangers and air-handling unit. Michael oversaw a tender for selection of a contractor to complete the work and supervised site installation of the mechanical systems.

Condenser Pipes

A luxury hotel facility (40,000 m2) wanted to better understand their potential for energy savings by switching their kitchen ventilation and hydronic pumping systems to variable speed operation.

Michael Pullinger undertook site testing of the ventilation systems with data logging instruments over a period of two weeks, and completed a full-building energy model. From these analyses, he estimated that the facility had the potential to save up to 55% of their existing ventilation system energy, and 50% of their pumping energy by switching to variable speed operation.

Kitchen Sensor

A small selection of additional building projects that Michael has been involved with include the following:

  • Detailed design and construction supervision of HVAC systems for for numerous commercial facilities including greenfield design for new office buildings, retrofit design for boiler/chiller replacements, and energy efficiency audits.
  • Detailed design and construction supervision of mechanical systems for industrial facilities including brownfield and greenfield sites such as a vehicle engine test facility, concrete testing laboratory, hydroelectric facilities, grain handling facilities and mine sites.
  • Detailed design and construction supervision of mechanical systems for residential buildings ranging from single-family homes to 90-suite apartment buildings.