Power Generation

A municipal water supply utility was installing a unique and innovative, energy recovery hydroelectric turbine in one of their water supply facilities. They wanted to ensure the facility to provide reliable water supply to the city, while offsetting some of the energy required at their nearby pump station.

Michael Pullinger led the project management and oversight of the commissioning of the facility. This included two Pressure Reducing Valves rated at 12.5 m3/s, the turbine and generator, overall facility control and a dechlorination system.

The commissioning effort included leading 55 site days, and co-ordination of staff from up to 15 separate companies.

Generator Shaft

An electrical utility needed to understand the condition of their 25 MW backup diesel generating plants so that they could prioritise any refurbishments or maintenance needed to maintain the reliability of their backup power.

Michael Pullinger led a small team to complete a condition assessment of the seven generating units, as well as the ancillary cooling, lubrication, ventilation, electrical and structural equipment.

Diesel Generator

A small selection of additional power generation projects that Michael has been involved with include:

  • Lead Owner’s Engineer for preparation of detailed commissioning and test procedures for 8 MW Kaplan turbine and generator refurbishment. Preparation of tender response documents for bidders.
  • Lead Owner’s Engineer and engineering Project Manager for preparation of procurement specifications for mechanical equipment at landfill gas generation facility with 3 x 1.6 MW reciprocating engines and gas treatment. Interconnection liaison and co-ordination with utility, reducing interconnection cost by over 130%.
  • Chief design engineer for site inspection and failure assessment of service water off-take at 145 MW hydroelectric plant. Professional responsibility for redesign and construction supervision for installation of new 5.7 MPa connection.
  • Part of Owner’s Engineer team for preparation of specifications for replacement of 14 MVA horizontal generator at hydroelectric plant. Primary responsibility for ancillary systems and commissioning requirements.
  • Chief design engineer for underground ventilation system in penstock tunnel at 50 MW hydroelectric facility. Completed design, installation supervision and performance testing to meet WorkSafeBC confined space ventilation requirements.