Water Supply

A 2,200 tonne per day zinc mine in Mexico was bringing a new tailings storage facility into operation, and therefore needed a new freshwater and wastewater pump station to serve the facility. In addition, they required two new 1.8 km HDPE pipelines to bring water and wastewater to and from the processing plant and the tailing storage dam.

Michael Pullinger provided senior design review of the pump station and pipelines, before travelling to Mexico to provide a detailed site inspection of the installation and supervision of the commissioning of the pump stations.

Tailings Pond

A municipal water supply utility was installing a unique and innovative, 1.7 MW energy recovery hydroelectric turbine in one of their water supply facilities. They wanted to ensure the facility to provide reliable water supply to the city, while offsetting some of the energy required at their nearby pump station.

Michael Pullinger led the project management and oversight of the commissioning of the facility. This included two Pressure Reducing Valves rated at 12.5 m3/s, the turbine and generator, overall facility control and a dechlorination system. The commissioning effort included leading 55 site days, and co-ordination of staff from up to 15 separate companies.

Energy Recovery Facility

A small selection of additional water projects that Michael has been involved with include:

  • Condition assessments of 5 x freshwater pump stations, wastewater pipelines and electrical equipment at a tin mine in Brazil. Electrical and mechanical design for interim pump stations expected to last for three years of operation.
  • Conceptual design and cost estimates for new wastewater pump stations and pipelines at proposed 55,000 tonne per day copper molybdenum mine.
  • Feasibility level design of freshwater pump stations and environmental temperature and flow control (mixing) station at proposed gold mine.
  • Municipal water and wastewater connections during design and construction for approximately a dozen building projects.